Australian Miniature Horse and Pony Registry
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General Rules


The AMR* will register eligible horses and ponies that;

  1. Meet the AMR* height requirements and
  2. Have supplied the correct paperwork and fees to the AMR*

The AMR* will provide other registry services including processing;

  1. Transfers
  2. Leases
  3. Upgrades
  4. Category changes

Miniature and small horses and ponies with unknown bloodlines are eligible for registration.

To record a horse or pony's bloodlines with the AMR* proof of bloodlines or a completed statutory declaration may be required.

Horses and ponies registered with other recognized organizations, need to provide to the AMR* with a copy of the other organizations registration papers and/or stallion return, showing correct breeding dates, or a completed statutory declaration may be required to have bloodlines recorded.

No horse or pony can be concurrently registered as both a horse and a pony within the AMR*.

The AMR* members measure their own horses and ponies.

Horses are measured at the base of the last hair of the mane.

Ponies are measured at the highest point of the wither.

Horses and ponies must have current registration to be shown.

Height certificates must be provided to register a horse or pony over 6 months of age or transfer, upgrade or change categories.


The AMR* will not record a duplicate of a prefix or brand recorded with the AMR*

The AMR* will not record a duplicate of a known prefix or brand.


The AMR* has membership categories consisting of;

  1. Adult (one person 18 years or over)
  2. Partner (two persons of any age or relationship)
  3. Family (immediate family members)
  4. Youth (one person under 18 years)

The AMR* members pay a once only joining fee plus membership fee.

The AMR* memberships are due on or before July 1st.

Membership expires if not renewed by the 31st July.


  1. A statutory declaration may be required to record bloodlines on an extended pedigree unless all horses listed are AMR* registered.


  1. Unless stated in a show schedule; the AMR* shows are open to all registered (with any recognized miniature organization) horses and ponies that meet the height requirements and all financial members of recognised miniature organisations.


  1. Paperwork must be completed in entirety or it may be returned and a postage and handling fee may be charged.