Australian Miniature Horse and Pony Registry
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Registration services are available to the AMR members and non members alike.


Registration of a horse, pony or donkey with the AMR entitles the owner to a quality registration certificate as well as the inclusion of the horse or pony's details on the Online History.

The AMR offers the owner the opportunity to purchase lamination for their registration certificate.

As the AMR accepts other recognized miniature equine organizations registration papers, it is optional to re-register horses or ponies with the AMR. For those enthusiasts that do wish to dual register, a quality AMR registration certificate will be issued. No horse or pony can be concurrently registered as both a horse and pony within the AMR.

The miniature horse and the miniature pony will be regarded by the AMR as two distinct types. The miniature and small horses are measured at the base of the last hair of the mane, and the miniature and small ponies are measured at the highest point of the wither. The miniature horse standard of excellence calls for a scaled down version of a full size horse, while the miniature pony standard of excellence requires the true pony characteristics of the larger pony breeds.

Small/Little horse A & B require the same attributes as the miniature horse.
Small pony A & B require the same pony characteristics as the miniature pony.

All miniature/small horses and ponies are eligible to be registered with the AMR*. The AMR* will register three height categories of miniature horse and three height categories of miniature pony.

Miniature Horse is open to horses not exceeding 34” or 8.2hh
Small Horse A
is open to horses not exceeding 38” or 9.2hh
Small/Little Horse B
is open to horses not exceeding 42” or 10.2hh

Miniature Pony is open to ponies not exceeding 34.25” or 87cm
Small Pony A
is open to ponies not exceeding 38” or 9.2hh
Small Pony B
is open to ponies not exceeding 42” or 10.2hh


A foal certificate will be issued to those foals registered with the AMR, until the horse or pony is 24 months old, at which time it becomes due to be upgraded to temporary adult. When the horse or pony reaches 48 months it becomes due to be upgraded to permanent adult.

The owner can choose the category in which they would like to register their horse or pony and can change categories if they desire. A horse or pony’s current registration certificate must be returned with all upgrades and changes of category.

The owner can measure their own horses and ponies as the onus of accuracy is then solely their own. Horses are measured at the base of the last hair of the mane and ponies are measured at the top of the wither.

Horses and ponies that exceed the maximum height for category can be changed, by the owner, to the correct category.

Horses and ponies must have up to date registration to be eligible to be shown.

There are three separate height categories for horses and three separate height categories for ponies to enable all eligible miniature and small equines to be registrable.

Horses and ponies can be registered with unknown details. Information can be added at a later date if discovered.

Horses and ponies may be identified by branding, micro-chipping or whorl identification.

If an owner wants the AMR to record bloodlines on a horse or pony, previously unregistered with the AMR, they may need to provide a Statutory Declaration declaring the information given is correct and naming the horse or pony they are applying to register. The exception to this is, if the horse or pony is a foal and the sire and dam are registered with the AMR and they have supplied a stallion return to the AMR before the foal was born or the owner is supplying a copy of the foal's sire and dam's current registration papers from another recognised miniature equine organization and a copy of a stallion return showing the correct breeding dates.

A height certificate (included on the registration application) is required if registering a horse or pony that is 6 months of age or older, for upgrades, change of categories and/or transfer or ownership.

Three current colour photographs of the horse or pony must accompany all registration applications. Supply one photograph of each side of the horse/pony showing all markings and one of the head facing the camera to show all facial markings.

Registration applications must be completed in entirety. If information is unknown, place the word ‘unknown’ in the space/s. If the exact date of birth is unknown, record it as 01/08/ and the approximate year for the age of the horse or pony.


To ensure prompt processing of your paperwork, please make sure that you have the following completed before sending to the AMR.

Check List For Foal Recording, Temporary Adult and/or Permanent Registration (for horses/ponies with AMR registered parents or current AMR registration)
Completed Registration Application
Completed Customer Work Order
Correct Fees


Check List For Upgrade/Change of Detail/s for AMR* Registered Horses/Ponies  
Completed Registration Change of Detail
Current Certificate of Registration
Photographs if Upgrading
Completed Customer Work Order
Correct Fees