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Microchip Information

Instructions to Microchip your Horse or Pony

A microchip is pre-packaged inside a syringe. On the back of the microchip packaging is an adhesive label, which carries the microchip number - DO NOT discard this label, as it is needed to complete the process.

Obtain a Microchip Application from the AMR* or download one from the Forms & Fees Page on the AMR* web site. You will need a separate form for each horse or pony you are having micro chipped.

Contact your Vet or qualified micro chip implanter to arrange for an International Organization for Standardization (ISO) microchip to be implanted. Have your Vet or qualified micro chip implanter complete his/her details and copy the microchip number (shown on the adhesive label) in the space provided on the Microchip Application before signing.

Make a photocopy of the signed Microchip Application. This form will confirm that the microchip has actually been implanted thus identifying your horse or pony and registration will be processed and marked accordingly.


A Microchip Application not signed by a qualified Veterinarian or qualified micro chip implanterwill not be accepted by the AMR*

To have your horse or pony’s details recorded, providing identification 24 hours a day/365 days a year, photocopy the completed Microchip Application, attach the original numbered adhesive label to it, and post to:

Australian Animal Registry
Locked Bag 4317 Sydney Olympic Park, NSW 2127
Ph: (02) 97041450  Fax: (02) 97041122