Online Prefixes & Brands

The AMR* will record an Online list of Prefixes & Brands of Australian miniature/small horse and pony breeders to help prevent duplications.

The AMR* Online list of Prefixes and brands is a resourse that can be used to help trace backgrounds of horses and ponies with lost paperwork.

If your prefix/s and/or brands/s is/are not recorded on the list and you would like it/them included, please notify the AMR*.

While every effort is made to not duplicate an existing prefix of brand the AMR* may be unaware of prefixes and/or brands recorded with other organizations.

Please Note: If your prefix/s and/or brand/s are not known to the AMR*, they may be allocated by the AMR*.

If a prefix and/or brand you own is listed and you wish to have it removed, please notify the AMR*.

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Completed Prefix & Brand Listing

Disclaimer: This service is provided solely for general information. The provision of this service does not guarantee the accuracy of information recorded. The AMR* will not be liable for the consequences of any action or activity undertaken or expense incurred by a party seeking to rely upon the accuracy of the information recorded.